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Eye Flu

  • Never rub your eyes with your fingers when they itch. Touching them is the best way to infect them with microorganisms. Wash them using only clean water and eye drops can be used to relax the eyes.
  • Clean your eye and surrounding areas regularly to avoid infection. Avoid eye contact with dirt.
  • Towels or washcloths could be infected with viruses or bacteria. So, you should use your own towels. Used towels should be washed properly and should be changed frequently.
  • Always read in places with good light. Fluorescent light should be avoided as much as possible as it produces a continuous vibration, which can irritate your eyes.
  • Tell your children not to share eye drops, eye makeup, tissues, washcloths, towels or pillowcases with other people, including family members.
  • Encourage children to wash their hands throughout the day, particularly after playing with other children or handling their toys.
  • Maintain a proper healthy diet, especially a diet rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Avoid toxins such as alcohol or tobacco smoking.
  •  Always wear sunglasses when in the sun, wind, or cold to prevent eye irritation

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How this class will help the parents?

This class will:

  • Guide the parents in creating interest in foods.
  • Help the parents in their battle against junk foods.
  • Make them aware of how much nutrition actually is required.
  • Guide the parents in creating interest in foods.
  • Promotes the child towards the ultimate aim of developing proper eating habits.
  • Teach the parents about food pyramid, so that they can plan out a proper balanced diet.

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