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Definition:   Temperature of 100®F or more measured with digital thermometer kept in the ARMPIT. If your baby has been wearing warm clothes or sleeping with blankets then undress the baby and wait for 5-7 min before taking the temperature so as to get the correct temperature and not false reading due to warm clothes.  

  • Is Fever bad: NO
  It is a body defence mechanism to fight against the germs so it’s a natural body protective mechanism.  
  • Baby feels warm: Is It Fever
  Never give your baby any medicine without actually measuring their temperature. Touching the baby and feeling warm is not sufficient.  Medicine needs to be given when the temperature crosses 100®F as all medicines have got some side effects and need to be given only when needed.  
  • Infant head feels warm rest body fine:
  The head of small babies, usually less than 1 year, feels warmer than their bodies. This does not indicate fever. It is normal. Babies head has the largest surface area in the body therefore the heat loss from the head is more so it feels warm. They don’t need to be given any medicine for it.  
  • Fever means serious infection:
  Most of the illness in children is caused by Viruses and not by bacteria. Viral infections are usually mild and self-limiting and usually last for 3-5 days. In these cases the fever comes down in 2-3 days.  
  • Higher the fever more serious is the infection:
  You can have high fever in viral infection also so high grade fever does not always mean serious infection.  
  • Cover the baby and no bath:
  Most common and the worst of all the Myths. When your child has fever do not make them wear lots of clothes or put blanket on top. It will increase the temperature further. Make them wear a light dress which will help them cool down and also give them a bath which is very refreshing.  
  • Fever should come down and stay down:
  If your baby is uncomfortable with fever then give your baby fever medicine like paracetamol or ibuprofen. These medicines keep the fever down but it might come back again but it does not mean that your baby has a serious infection. Fever coming back again is very common in 1st 24-48 hour of illness.    
  • Things to do when your child has fever:
  • Give lots of fluid to your baby like water, fruit juice, butter milk, Shikanji, coconut water, breast milk etc. Due to heating of the body lot of water is lost from the body and this need to be replaced.
  • If your baby is active alert and playful despite having fever you can hold on to the medicine and just given them lots of liquid and a good bath which will help to bring the temperature down.
  • Give Paracetamol drops, syrup or Tablet depending on the age and weight of your child. You usually start with three times a day and if needed can give every 6 hourly also.
  • Give the medicine 30-45 min to act and if still the fever is there u can wipe your baby with normal tap water especially armpits and groin area. NOT WITH ICE COLD WATER
  • If the fever goes down but comes back again it does not mean that the medicine is not working
  • Paracetamol is a safe drug with fewer side effects and has good fever controlling action.
  • Do not keep giving fever medicine round the clock for more than 24 hrs. After 24 hrs it is advisable to give fever medicine only if fever is there i.e. temperature crosses 100F.
  • Do not worry too much if your child is eating a little less than usual. Your child is unwell so their appetite is decreased which is normal. Let them decide what and how much they want to eat. DO NOT FORCE FEED.
  Take your baby to the doctor immediately if you find any of the below mentioned signs, which might indicate a more serious cause of fever.
  • Your baby is very sleepy and not taking any feeds
  • Lips looks dry and has passed less urine as compared to their usual days
  • Having Vomiting and Headache both at the same time.
  • Crying while passing urine, itching in the area of urine, increase in the number of passing urine.
  • Your child is very sleepy and difficult to wake up.

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