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Teeth care - Tips

  • Care of teeth can start just before the eruption of milk teeth. After feeding the baby, gums and tongue can be wiped clean with a wet, soft and clean cotton cloth.
  • Brushing of teeth can start when sufficient teeth have appeared i.e. from around 1 year of age.
  • Tooth brushes which have soft nylon bristles can be used.
  • Teeth needs to brush twice a day, especially before night time.
  • Parental supervision is must till 4 years of age.
  • It is easier for the parents to brush the child's teeth by standing behind the child and tilting his head slightly backwards.
  • Only a pea-sized amount of tooth paste has to be put on tooth brush. Children tend to swallow bit amount of toothpaste , don't worry for it.
  • There is something called floss available in medical shops. Flossing of teeth can be done for older children periodically. This is very effective in cleaning those areas where tooth brush cannot reach.
  • Bottle feeding leads to early decay of teeth, so please please avoid bottle feeding.
  • The child also needs to be trained to rinse mouth every time after eating food or drinking milk, juices etc
  2. QUESTION - My 7 months old daughter is very irritable and lots of saliva is drooling from her mouth since last few days. What is the problem with her?

It is most likely that her teeth are going to erupt. Try to give her something cold to chew. Teether are available in market for the same purpose. You have to keep the teether in fridge(not the freezer) . You may also give her some vegetable pieces like carrot.

QUESTION : Does teething cause diarrhea?

No, most of the time it is just a coincidence.

QUESTION : My son is 9 months of age. He still hasn't got his first tooth. why?

Most babies get their first tooth at 6-7 month of age. If it is delayed most likely cause is genetic.  so don't worry and wait for some more time.

QUESTION: My son is 3 years old. All his central upper teeth have turned  black. what should i             do?

Your son has developed something called ' baby bottle tooth decay' which occur more commonly in child who continues to drink milk from bottle even after 1 year of age.  Show him to dentist. Follow proper dental hygiene as advised above. Stop milk from bottle.

QUESTION : My daughter is 8 years old. She has buck teeth . All the teeth appeared crowded.                 What to do?

Consult a dentist. Do not ignore the problem

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