What this workshop is all about :

We are living in a era where child has easy access to Internet, video games, junk foods and many more. We have just 1 or 2 child and that too seems to be unmanageable. Their behavior are getting violent day by day. And we keep on trying one way or other to calm them and self. We need to know what is going in their mind that is defeating our purpose of good parenting. This is what we will learn in this workshop.The workshop will be taken up by Dr. Amit Bang, Pediatrician and parenting expert. He is taking these seminar and workshops since 5 years. Along with him will present the guest speakers a child psychologist and a school principal.
Highlights of the workshop:

  • 1. This is going to be story based session. You will find many characters in the story as close to your child.
  • 2. Broadly the workshop is divided into 3 main categories
    1. A. School excellence - How to ensure maximum output in academic with child as active learner.
      B. Children's day to day problems of behavior, which we sometimes feel are normal but has great impact on   future.
      C. How to deal with child aggression ?
  • 3. Only COUPLE entry. If your spouse is not in position to attend for any reason, do come alone.
  • 4. Come with OPEN mind. You will come to know few new techniques and strategies to help you to first change your selves , then your kids.
  • 5. We will have provision for kids play zone but still it will be more good for you if you can keep kids at home.
  • 6. Many exciting gifts are waiting for you.
  • 7. No spot registration.